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Amazon image url

Here is a short article to help Amazon associates who wish to use images of Amazon products in their content. Amazon Affiliates sometimes find themselves having to do so during the process of creating kick-ass content for their readers. Image URLs are important when reviewing products that are on Amazon. Instead of downloading an image and uploading it to your site, you can simply get the image via the URL. As an example, if I am writing an article about headphones, I can simply get an image directly from the Amazon products page via URL.

Retrieve an Image URL from an Amazon Product

To retrieve an image URL from an Amazon Product, you need to take the following steps;

  • Go to the page on Amazon for the product for which you wish to get the image URL.
  • Click on the product image. There are usually several. You can simply choose the one that you prefer.
  • Next, you need to right click on the image and choose; “Copy Image Location.”
  • Paste the image URL wherever you wish it to go.

Using the Image URL on Amazon

So, now that you have the Image URL, how do you use it? You will note that if you simply paste the URL into WordPress while writing your content, it will not bring out anything. To use an URL image on WordPress you do the following;

Use URL image in WordPress
  • If you are using the Block Editor, you need to create a new Image block.
  • Next, click on “Insert from URL.”
  • Paste in the image URL from Amazon (or from wherever).
  • Now your Image will appear.
  • If using classic editor, paste the URL where you want it to go while in code editor.
Image from URL for WordPress
An example of an image from URL

Anyway, hope someone will find this article useful. The above image for Cowin headphones is from URL. These are some of the best selling Bluetooth headphones on Amazon at the moment. I don’t know whether using an image URL is better than uploading the image to your site in terms of website speed. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to say. Feel free to read my article on how to choose headphones.

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