Are you looking to buy Sony wireless headphones? If yes, this article is for you. Sony is, without doubt, one of the best known brands in Bluetooth headphones. You will hear the brand being mentioned alongside other popular brands such as Bose and JBL. In this article, we take a look at some of the best Sony headphones wireless models that are on the market today. Below is a table of contents to help you navigate to various sections in the article;

Table of Contents

  1. Sony Headphones Comparison Table
  2. How to choose Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  3. Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones review
  4. Sony WHXB900N wireless headphones review
  5. Sony wireless headphones WHXB700 review
  6. Sony WF-XB700 wireless earbuds review
  7. Sony WH-CH510 headphones review

Sony Bluetooth Headphones Comparison Chart

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BatteryView on Amazon #Ad
30 hours
✓ 30 hours
✓ 35 hours
30 hours
9 hours
35 hours

Sony Headphones Naming Conventions

This small section gives you useful tips on Sony wireless headphones naming conventions. You will already have noted that Sony headphones models have less than memorable names that are composed of both letters and figures. But what does it all mean?

  • WH stands for Wireless Headphones
  • XB denotes Extra Bass

XB models

In terms of naming conventions, please note that the XB in some Sony headphones models denotes extra bass. So, if bass is something that you are looking for, you should buy these models. And if you are not into bass, you can always make adjustments using the Sony Headphones Connect App.

How to choose Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

As you can see in the above table, Sony has a wide range of wireless Bluetooth headphones models. So, how do you determine the one that’s best for you? We have previously written an article in which show people how to choose headphones.

Most of the tips that we give here relate to that. There are many factors that are taken into consideration when choosing between Sony headphones wireless models. The following are a few of them;

How much are you willing to spend?

Cost tends to be a major factor when buying anything these days. The question to ask yourself when it comes to Sony Wireless Headphones is, how much am I willing to spend? The good news is that products in the Sony headphones wireless range cover all price ranges.

Even if you are on a budget, you will be able to find something suitable for you from Sony. Of course, no headphone bearing the brand will be the cheapest on the market! Sony is Sony, after all, and for headphones, it’s one of the most recognizable brands. However, you will still be able to buy wireless headphones from the company for beginning from around $60.

One thing to note is that headphones on the market today are priced all over the place. If you check out our best Bluetooth headphones 2020 article, you will notice that there are some headphones that go for below $20. On the other end, there are other headphones that are sold for over a thousand dollars.

Does price have a bearing on quality?

You would normally expect price to have a bearing on quality and performance. However, that is not always the case, as you will discover when hunting around for headphones. There are many expensive headphones that have received negative feedback from buyers. Then there are others that are cheap but that have been well received.

Read online reviews

Does the above confuse you? If yes, then you will be pleased to note that there is a bit of good news. Chances are high that whatever the Sony Wireless Headphones model that you are interested in, there are already thousands of people who have already made the purchase.

And most of them left reviews across the internet. If you go to a platform such as Amazon, you will notice that there are product reviews on each product page. You need to read these to find out whether or not the product that you are interested in is good.

You do need to note, however, that no product out there will ever get 5 out of 5 stars from consumers. There will always be someone who is less than pleased with any purchase. So, you should expect a sprinkling of negative reviews. Check them out to see if there is consistency. If not, then everything should by okay. If yes, that should tell you that a particular product may not be that good.

Determine the features that are important to you

This is another aspect that you need to take into consideration when choosing Sony Bluetooth Headphones. In fact, this tip applies whatever the brand of headphones that you are interested in. So, what features are important when buying headphones? We give some of them below;

  • Sound quality
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Battery life
  • Quick charge
  • Touch control
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Fit type
  • Voice Assistants
  • Foldable and swivel designs
  • The Sony App

Sound quality

Sound quality is probably the biggest consideration when buying headphones. Though there may be other things that you may look at, sound quality should be the first major factor determining your choice.

You buy headphones because you want to listen to music and other audio. It won’t do, therefore, for you to get headphones that look good but that sound terrible.

Check reviews to determine sound quality

The unfortunate thing is that it’s not possible to sample sound quality when buying headphones online. Fortunately, you can rely on reviews to tell you whether or not the choice that you are about to make is the best. If you read that a particular model sucks, then you should probably not expect much.

Sony headphones have great sound quality

As already noted, Sony is one of the biggest names in headphones. It is only to be expected, therefore that sound quality on their headphones is not really any issue. Buy any of the available Sony headphones wireless models and you will be almost guaranteed to have a great listening experience.

Extra bass

Bass has become a major selling point for headphones over the past few years. If you check out most manufacturers, this is something that they emphasize. Anyway, there are a number of products in the Sony headphones Bluetooth range that come with extra bass. We have already noted that such models have a XB somewhere in the model number.

Of course, whether or not you end up buying these Sony headphones Bluetooth models depends on your tastes. Some people do not like too much bass, while for others, it’s the best thing that they could ever have. The good news is that you can customize the level of bass on your headphones using the Sony Headphones Connect App.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active Noise Cancelling is another feature that you need to be aware of when buying headphones. Like bass, Noise Cancelling has become rather prominent over the past few years. So, you need to determine whether or not you need to have it on your headphones.

Noise cancelling is simply the ability by headphones to filter out ambient noise. Most over ear fit headphones will have some passive level of noise cancelling. However, some models take it a bit further through Active Noise Cancelling.

The great thing is that a number of models in the Sony Headphones Wireless models range come with Digital Active Noise cancelling. This helps filter out all ambient noises, meaning you will hear every word and every note from your audio.

The thing to do, as already noted, is to determine whether or not Active Noise Cancelling is for you. In most instances, you don’t actually need it. While walking outside, as an example, you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you. However, in a plane, noise cancelling comes in handy.

Battery life

Battery life is another aspect that you need to look at when buying Sony Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones depend on batteries to give you audio. One of the things that we have noted is that entry level battery life on wireless headphones stands at about 8 hours. On the top end, there are headphones on the market today that have battery lives of up to 100 hours.

Sony wireless headphones models have battery lives that are not too varied. You will notice that most over ear models out there will give you 30 hours between charges. That’s great, because the average person only uses their headphones for 3 hours per day.

What it means is that you will be able to go for over 10 hours without needing to recharge Sony Bluetooth headphones. In ear headphones, on the other hand, have lower battery lives.

Quick charging

The ability to recharge the battery quickly is emerging as another big factor when buying headphones. Sony headphones Bluetooth versions are generally good when it comes to recharging time. In fact, they probably have the best recharging times that you will be able to find on the market today.

There are Sony headphones models, such as the WH-1000XM3, where a 10 minute charge gives you 5 hours playback time. That’s great and it should mean you will never run out of battery.

Touch Controls

It’s debatable whether or not this feature is necessary when buying Wireless headphones. We have come across people who have been saying touch controls can be rather difficult to use. They are sometimes too sensitive, meaning you could end up giving unneeded commands.

Anyway, there are a couple of Sony headphones wireless models that come with touch controls. So, if this is something that you are looking for, be sure to check them out. An example is the WH-XB900N. The good news is that if touch controls are not for you, there are plenty of Sony Bluetooth Headphones models on the market that you can choose from.


Weight also tends to be another important factor when buying headphones. You don’t want to buy a model that’s so heavy that it feels like you are carrying a sack loaded with lead on your head. Fortunately, most of the Sony headphones wireless models that are out there are lightweight. The average weight is 0.56 lbs, which is great.

Comfort level

Comfort level is one area on which you should never compromise when choosing headphones. That’s especially important if you are one of those people who spend the entire day with headphones glued on the head. If that is the case, then you should go for the most comfortable headphones that you can lay your hands on.

In terms of comfort, well, Sony is Sony. They have been at it for a long time. As expected, they do not compromise on this aspect. So, the Sony Bluetooth headphones models that you will find on the market are almost all good in this regard. You do need to, as already noted, read reviews to find out what others have to say.

Fit Type

What type of headphones are you looking for? This is another factor determining which Sony headphones wireless model you are going to end up opting for. Generally, the following are the available fit types for headphones;

  • Over ear
  • On ear
  • In ear
Over ear headphones

Over the ear headphones have been trending over the past few years. They are the type of headphones that sit on the area around the ear and not on the ear itself. This type is great for Noise Cancelling. They are also great for comfort because they do not needlessly squash your ear.

On ear headphones

On ear headphones sit on the ear. They are not so great for noise cancelling. And you need to be careful with them, because they may end up pressing too hard on your ears, which can be uncomfortable.

In ear headphones

In ear headphones are what are referred to as earphones or ear buds. You put them right into the ear. Sony has several models in this fit type. We review one of these models in this article.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants make life easy for you by ensuring that you do not need to reach out for your phone all the time. Instead, you can give voice commands to initiate various functions. There are headphones out there that can be used with Voice Assistants.

Then there are others that come with Voice Assistants build in. Most Sony headphones Bluetooth models come with Alexa build in. This gives you access to information, music and other functions hands-free. Alexa is the voice assistant from Amazon.

Foldable and Swivel designs

The ability to be folded and swiveled are other factors that come into consideration when buying headphones. These features come in handy when traveling. Being able to swivel also comes in handy from the point of view of comfort. It means you will be able to adjust your headphones so they can fit comfortably on your head.

Most of the over ear Sony Bluetooth headphones models have swivel and foldable designs. So, if these are features that you are looking for, you will be able to easily find them in available models.

The Sony Headphones Connect App

There was a time when headphones were simply plug and play. That was great, but what would happen if you wanted to reduce the bass on your headphones or to create audio profiles? Well the disadvantage of having headphones that do not have an app is that there is no way of controlling the finer details. They just sound the same.

Fortunately, manufacturers have mostly moved to adopt use of apps on headphones. Examples are Sony, JBL and Bose. The Sony Headphones Connect app is available for Android and iOS devices. They give you the ability to control such things as Active Noise Cancelling, among other features.

Note that though the app is available for all Sony Bluetooth Headphones, there limits to what you can do with it on some models.

Sony Wireless Headphones Reviews

Now that we have determined what you should be on the lookout for when choosing Sony headphones wireless models, it’s time for us to look at some of the best Sony Bluetooth headphones that can be found on the market today.

We have already given these models in the table at the top. Which version should you buy? And what can you expect when you make your purchase? Note that we base our Sony Bluetooth headphones reviews on the feedback left online by people who have already bought these models;