Sony Headphones Wireless Models Review

Sony WHXB900N Wireless Headphones Review

The WHXB900N is the next model in our Sony wireless headphones review. As is the case with most SONY headphones, the Sony WHXB900N is a gadget that you can definitely be proud to own. The WHXB900N is priced less than the WH1000XM3.

However, at face value, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. In fact, it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between ANY 2 headphones models, particularly those from the same manufacturer.

That is where we come in; to show you the subtle differences so you can make an informed purchasing decision. So, what features do Sony Headphones Wireless WHXB900N boast of?

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Sony WHXB900N Features

  • Extra bass
  • Noise cancelling
  • Ambient sound mode
  • Hands free calling
  • A battery that lasts up to 30 hours
  • Touch controls
  • Alexa build in
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Voice activation
  • NFC
  • Foldable
  • Control using an App

What do customers say about the Sony WHXB900N

On the face of it, the Sony Wireless Headphones WHXB900N model comes packed with an amazing array of features. But how is performance in the real world? In this section, we are going to follow the formula that we have been using in all our previous headphones reviews.

We are not going to take any manufacturer at their word. They are there to make sales and they will say anything to present their products as the best. What we are going to do instead is to take a look at what people who have already bought a particular product have to say in relation to the listed features.

The Sony WHXB900N is highly rated

Check online reviews today and you will realize that Sony WHXB900N Wireless headphones are very highly rated. In fact, they are among the best rated headphones that you will be able to find on the market today.

You only need to check out reviews on places like Amazon to understand what we are talking about. So, based on that, this is a product that you will probably not regret buying. Anyway, let us look at specific product features.

Sound quality on Sony WHXB900N headphones is great

Sound quality is the primary reason for buying headphones, so we are going to take a look at that first. This is a product from Sony, so there was never going to be any doubt about quality of sound.

In fact, most people who have bought the Sony Headphones Bluetooth WHXB900N model attest to the fact that sound quality is as great as on any high quality headphones on the market today.

The WHXB900N comes with extra bass

We have already noted that it can be difficult to distinguish between two pairs of headphones from the same manufacturer. In terms of features, Sony WHXB900N Bluetooth headphones appear very similar to Sony WH1000XM3 wireless headphones. One of the major differences between the 2 is that the WHXB900N comes with extra bass.

So, whether or not you end up going for one model over the other will have to do with your preferences. If you are into extra bass, you will want the WHXB900N. But if you would rather have normal sounds, you will go with the WH1000XM3. That thundering bass is something that many people are on the hunt for these days, which is probably why the WHXB900N is so popular.

Use the app to control bass

The really cool think about the SONY headphones wireless WHXB900N model is that you don’t have to be stuck with the extra bass if you are not into it. You can simply use the app to reduce bass to a level of your liking.

So, having this option makes the WHXB900N a bit more attractive than the WH1000XM3. We all listen to different types of music, and there are times when we want to fine tune things to get the best audio.

Noise cancelling on the WHXB900N is good
The WHXB900N has noise cancelling
Noise cancelling is a useful feature in headphones

Active Noise Cancelling has become a major selling point in headphones over the past few years. For most people, the ability to tune out ambient noises is important. That’s particularly the case in noisy environments, such as on a plane or on a train. Noise cancelling also comes in handy if you work in a noisy office.

However, one thing that you are going to discover is that it’s very difficult to come across a set of headphones that give you 100% noise cancelling. We wrote earlier that 100% noise cancelling is probably not very desirable, but people still look for it, nevertheless. If you check out headphones review, you will notice that most models lose stars because they fail to deliver on people’s expectations.

So, how do Sony headphones Bluetooth WHXB900N perform in terms of Active Noise Cancelling? Sony promises “Next level digital noise cancelling.” In reality, noise cancelling on Sony Bluetooth headphones WH1000XM3 is good enough.

These headphones have around 80% noise cancelling qualities, which should be good enough for most people. It’s not 100% but performance is good enough that you won’t hear much of what is happening around you.

You can adjust the level of Noise Cancelling on the Sony WHXB900N

One great feature on Sony WHXB900N headphones is that noise cancelling is adjustable. You can increase or decrease it depending on your preferences. We have previously come across this feature on JBL headphones wireless models.

With Sony wireless headphones WHXB900N, you get 20 levels of noise cancelling. Having various levels of noise cancelling recognizes the fact that we do not live in a uniform sound environment and there are times when it is actually desirable to let ambient noises in.

Quick Attention mode lets sound in

What do you do when you need to hold conversations or listen to what’s going on around you while wearing your headphones? Well, you could simply remove the headphones from your head.

However, with the WHXB900N, you have a better option. The ambient sound mode allows you to instantly turn off noise cancelling by holding your hand over the right earpiece. 

Doing this lets you hear everything around you without removing your headphones. In fact, this feature pretty much boosts the noises so you get every bit of noise around you.

The app gives you greater control

The Sony Headphones Connect app is a great feature, allowing you to control your headphones from your iOS or Android device. The app gives you control over a variety of features, such as volume, equaliser and noise cancelling. You can also use the app to select between 2 voice assistants;  Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice Assistants are a nice feature

The Sony headphones wireless WHXB900N model comes with Alexa build in. You can also use these headphones with other voice assistants, such as Google Assistant. Voice assistants are great in that they give you control without needing to reach out to your headphones or to your phone all the time. Activating Voice Assistants on the WHXB900N is simple enough. With Voice Assistants, you can control the following features;

  • Get information
  • Volume control
  • Activate  and deactivate your headphones
You get Adaptive Sound Control

The WHXB900N has what is called adaptive sound control. This feature automatically adapts the level of noise cancelling depending on what you are doing. If you are walking, the noise cancelling is different than when you are in a vehicle.

This is great because you don’t actually need to continuously fiddle around with noise cancelling settings. Everything happens automatically, depending on where you are.

Touch controls are a nice touch

Sony wireless headphones WHXB900N come with touch controls, which is a nice feature. The right ear pad controls such things as volume, pausing and resuming play. The controls do take some getting used to, however, as we note in the cons below.

Call quality is great

One common complaint with using the hands-free option when making and receiving calls is that pick-up of your voice tends to be rather iffy. This applies for most wireless headphones. Manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by installing multiple microphones to pick up your voice.

The great thing about the WHXB900N is that sound quality during calls is better than on other wireless headphones models. You won’t hear many complaints from people to whom you are chatting about your voice sounding as if it is come from a tunnel.

Comfort level is good

The level of comfort is another important consideration when buying headphones. Fortunately, the Sony headphones wireless WHXB900N model delivers in this regard. Of course, you are not going to want to wear your headphones the entire day.

Most manufacturers advise that people take breaks every 3 hours. And the ordinary person only uses their headphones 3 hours a day. However, even if you are an audiophile, you will still be able to go for long periods while wearing these headphones.


There have been a few complaints regarding SONY WHXB900N headphones;

The button for Noise Cancelling is the same for Voice Assistants

One major complaint is that the button that controls Noise Cancelling is the same one for voice Assistants. Meaning you cannot use button for both at once. You have to choose what the button will do using the App.

Once you have chosen to have the button work for Voice Assistants, it will not work for Noise Cancelling at the same time.

Touch pads can be difficult to use

One of the major challenges with headphones that have touch controls is that people often find themselves accidentally hitting the wrong controls, such as skipping to the next track. We have noted this complaint from people while doing a Bose wireless headphones review. So, this is something that you need to keep in mind. The touch pad can be a tad too responsive.

No controls in wired mode

Another con for the WHXB900N is that you don’t get equalizer settings in wired mode. All that you have are the default settings, which is not good enough. You don’t even get the sought after extra bass in wired mode. This is really a setback, considering that bass boost is one of the biggest selling points for these headphones.

What do you get when you buy?

When you buy Sony Headphones Bluetooth WHXB900N from Amazon, you get the following;

  • Sony WHXB900N Wireless headphones
  • A carry pouch
  • An AUX cable
  • A USB cable for charging
  • Operating manual
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