Sony Headphones Wireless Models Review

Sony WF-XB700 Extra BASS True Wireless Earbuds

We thought we would throw this one in here due to its similarities to the WHXH700 that we have just reviewed above. This option is for those who are looking for something more discreet in their headphones. If you would rather have in-ear headphones, then you won’t go wrong with the Sony WF-XB700. But what can you expect from the WF-XB700?

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  • Truly wireless design
  • Extra bass
  • 9 hours battery life
  • Quick charge
  • Hands free calls
  • IPX4 water and sweat resistant
  • Secure fit
  • Light weight

What’s special about these ear-buds?

So, what’s so special about the Sony WF-XB700? Why should you buy them and not some other Sony Headphones Bluetooth model?

They have an in-ear fit.
Sony wireless earbuds
Earphones are an alternative to headphones

We included the Sony WF-XB700 in this Sony Bluetooth headphones review to provide an alternative to those that may be looking for something other than an over-ear fit. So, if you are not into full blown headphones that wrap themselves around your head, this is a great alternative.

They are good for those that lead active lifestyles

The WF-XB700 is a good fit for those that may lead an active lifestyle. If you are into sports, as an example, the Sony WF-XB700 should be something that you consider. The fact that they come with some level of sweat and water resistances makes them good for such things as jogging and for the gym. We have previously written an article on the best cheap wireless headphones for running. The WF-XB700 would be a good fit there.

They are lightweight

Lugging around headphones can become rather annoying after a little while. The great thing about the Sony Headphones Wireless WF-XB700 model is that they are lightweight and easy to carry them around. In fact, you can throw them into a shirt pocket while traveling and you will be hard pressed to notice that they are there.

What do people say about the WF-XB700?

Having noted the special features, it’s time for us to go back to our formula of taking a look at what people have to say with regard to a particular set of headphones. We know that it’s not enough to list what manufacturers say about their products. Rather, there is need to take it a step further by taking a peak at what people who have already bought a particular product have been saying about its performance.

The Sony WF-XB700 has a good rating

First off, it’s worth noting that Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Bluetooth earbuds have generally been well received by people who have bought them. If you go online to places where these ear buds are sold, you will realize that they even have a better rating than their full fledged counterpart, the Sony WHXB700. Anyway, here is what people have been saying about this product’s features;

Sound quality is great

People buy headphones because they wish to listen to music. That’s particularly the case for ear buds, where being showy is less of a concern. Anyway, based on the reviews that are floating around out there, Sony WF-XB700 headphones offer great sound quality. That’s only to be expected; they are a Sony, after all.

Bass is out of this world

If you are into bass, then you will love these ear buds. They come with Extra Bass, similar to the WHXB700. Overall, bass on the Sony WF-XB700 is clear. One of the complaints that we noted with regard to the WHXB700 is that the volume level is rather muted.

That’s not the case on Sony headphones Bluetooth WF-XB700. If you are into loud music and booming bass, you should definitely buy this model.  A common complaint on some models is that bass tends to be muted at low volume levels. That is not the case with the Sony WF-XB700.

Sony WF-XB700 headphones are comfortable

Most people are put off of ear buds by the idea of having things poking right into their ear. However, this is something that you will probably get used to. And Sony Wireless Earbuds WF-XB700 are pretty comfortable, from what people have been saying. They are lightweight enough that you will forget that they are there after a little while.

Battery level is good for ear buds

Ear buds are never going to have the same battery life as full scale headphones. Sony WF-XB700 Wireless headphones will get you 9 hours between charges, which is pretty descent. That’s actually more than you will get on some headphones.

Anyway, the average person uses their headphones only 3 hours a day, meaning you will be able to go for up to 3 days between charges. Even if you are a power user, you won’t have trouble charging the Sony WF-XB700 overnight.

Quick charging is convenient

What do you do when you are pressed for time and the battery on your headphones is about to die out? The great thing about Sony WF-XB700 earbuds is that they come with quick charging. This is a feature that you will find in all the other models that we have looked at in this Sony Wireless headphones review. For the Sony WF-XB700, charging for 10 minutes will get you up to 2 hours of playback time, which is great.

Hands free calls

Sony WF-XB700 earbuds support hands free calling. So, you don’t have to take them off when making or receiving calls. And pickup of your voice is good enough, which cannot be said for many of the headphones that are on the market today.

Pairing is easy and range is great

One fear that people have with Bluetooth headphones is that they will have problems pairing them with their devices. Fortunately, Sony Bluetooth headphones WF-XB700 deliver in this regard. They are easy to pair with any device. And range is great. In fact, some people report receiving input even when 100 feet away.


The Sony WF-XB700 does come with a few kinks;

The WF-XB700 is a bit too big

Sony Bluetooth earbuds WF-XB700 are not the smallest ear buds that you will be able to find on the market. That’s one of their major disadvantages. They are a bit on the big side, so it’s something that you need to take into account. However, they fit well enough, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

No Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise cancelling has, as already noted, become a major feature for people when buying headphones. If this is a feature that you are looking for, you won’t find it in Sony WF-XB700 headphones. They do a pretty good job of passive noise cancelling. However, they do not take it to the next level that you get with Active Noise Cancelling headphones such as the Sony WHXB900N.

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