Are Renewed Headphones Good?

Are Renewed Headphones Good?

You have been looking to buy headphones and, after carrying out extensive research, you have settled on a particular brand. It may be one that we feature in our Best Bluetooth headphones 2020 article. Next, you go to Amazon to make your purchase. But wait! When you carry out a search on Amazon for the headphones that you are interested in, you discover that you have two buying options; new and “renewed.” You start wondering; “what are renewed headphones?” And are renewed headphones good? Below (#ad) are Sony Renewed Headphones. Should you buy them?

Renewed Headphones Meaning?

One of things that you need to understand is that headphones are not the only product carrying the “renewed,” tag on Amazon. You will find the tag on many other products, including computers, television and tablets. But what does it mean for a product to be “renewed?”

On Amazon, the “renewed,” tag is used on products that have been refurbished to a “like new,” state. In theory, these products undergo extensive testing before they can get the necessary certification. Products that can be renewed can fall into any of the following categories;

  • Preowned
  • Open box
  • Refurbished

The Amazon Renewed Guarantee

Like all other similar products on Amazon, restored headphones come with an Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Under this guarantee, you will get a full refund or replacement should you choose to return a product with the renewed tag within 90 days.

Should I buy Refurbished Headphones?

That really is the biggest question. Should you buy renewed headphones? The answer to that lies in the definition given above. We noted that products on Amazon that come with a renewed tag are essentially “like new.” They have been refurbished and have been thoroughly inspected. They also come with a 90 day Amazon guarantee. So, they should be good enough.

So, are renewed headphones good? The answer is yes. They are good. We wouldn’t hesitate to buy such a product from Amazon. Of course, most people like having the pride of buying an absolutely new product. However,you are likely to have a problem with a new product than with one that has been renewed. That’s because renewed products undergo thorough testing before they are sold.

Advantages of buying renewed products from Amazon

There are several advantages of buying renewed products from Amazon;

  • They are cheaper than new products.
  • They have been tested and have been found to be in perfect working order.
  • They are like new.
  • Some of them are new products that only have open boxes.

How do products come to be renewed?

That is a question that’s really worth answering. How do products on Amazon end up being given the renewed certification. Well, here are a few ways;

Returned products

Each day, thousands of products are returned to Amazon by people around the world. There are many reasons why people do this. If you go to the Amazon product pages and if you read the comments there, you will discover why people return products. The following are a few reasons;

  • A product may have failed to meet a person’s expectations
  • The product was defective
  • A product is no longer required
  • The wrong product was shipped

Refurbished products

Most of these products end up being renewed and sold to the general public. In most instances, people return products that actually do not have any issues. Perhaps the buyer simply failed to use the product or they found it not to be what they were really looking for.

In any case, such products are new. The only thing that has happened is that the box has been opened and the product has been tested. The manufacturer cannot simply seal the box and sell the product as new. They need to sell the product as renewed.

Renewed headphones are refurbished headphones

In most cases, renewed headphones are refurbished headphones. Somebody bought them and then returned them for one reason or the other. Perhaps they had a manufacturing defect. The manufacturer, or a certified dealer, then refurbishes them to a like-new state.

Do renewed products on Amazon come with original packaging?

If you are an unboxing fiend, then this point will disappoint you. In most instances, renewed products that you buy from Amazon will not be in the original package. This also applies for headphones. If you decide to buy renewed headphones today, they may be shipped in a generic package that does not bear the label of the manufacturer.

Are renewed headphones safe to buy?

Now we go back to the question that motivated this article; is it safe to buy renewed headphones? The answer is, absolutely! We have already noted that you are much less likely to have a problem with refurbished headphones bought on Amazon than with new headphones.

That’s because renewed headphones first undergo thorough testing before being sold. New headphones, on the other hand, simply come from the production line and are sold with little or no testing.

Renewed Headphones Examples

Are you interested in buying renewed headphones from Amazon? If yes, the following links should get you there;

  • Check out Bose refurbished headphones on Amazon. Some of them will be Bose factory renewed headphones. That’s great because it means these headphones have been checked at the source. So, they should be in perfect working order.
  • Check out these Beats renewed headphones. As is the case with most renewed products, you will be able to make significant savings, in spite of the fact that these products are as good as new.
  • Sony is one of the biggest brands in headphones. You will be able to find Sony renewed headphones on Amazon that cost way more than their cheaper counterparts.

To buy or not to buy refurbished headphones

We will conclude this article by summarizing what we have been saying above. Restored headphones are headphones that have been checked and have been certified as new. They are good enough and you shouldn’t hesitate to buy them. In fact, we would go so far as to say refurbished headphones are better than new ones. New headphones do not undergo the same rigorous testing as renewed ones. So, if you want to buy refurbished headphones on Amazon, go ahead and do it!

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